• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • In March 2012, the Council of Ministers adopted the Polish Foreign Policy Priorities for 2012-2016 – the first multiannual strategy of Polish foreign and European policy since 1989, and a key document which seeks to clarify the goals of our diplomacy. The Priorities contribute to the coordination of international activities conducted by Poland’s public administration. Furthermore, they present citizens with a vision of Polish foreign policy and depict the key tasks facing our diplomacy in the perspective of 2016.


    The annual Polish Foreign Policy Guidelines, another document shaping our external activities, reflect the priorities of our diplomacy in an operational manner. The Guidelines are adopted each year by the Council of Ministers at the request of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The document is classified and considered as an indication of the international cooperation efforts of other ministries.


    The Department of Foreign Policy Strategy is in charge of drafting both the Priorities and the Guidelines.

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