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  • 11 February 2016

    The Venice Commission’s visit to Poland, our allies in Europe and relations with Russia were the main topics discussed by Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski on TVN24’s Fakty po Faktach programme on Wednesday

    “I am not worried about the Venice Commission’s opinion. The Polish Government will no doubt take it into account,” said Poland’s top diplomat in reference to the visit by the Venice Commission representatives to Poland.


    Minister Waszczykowski recalled “the Venice Commission is not an institution, but a group of experts of the Council of Europe, which draws up reports that are most often soft in nature.” The minister also added that the current dispute around the Constitutional Court should be resolved primarily through political talks.


    Addressing a question about Poland’s allies in the world, Minister Waszczykowski noted that diplomacy is like playing “on many pianos” and in this context “many institutions and states are our allies.” “The Government’s current prerogative is to ensure security at home and to raise it to the level of Western Europe’s,” the minister said. In the opinion of the chief of the MFA, all states should be treated equally. “In the EU and NATO we can create a joint pressure lobby to make others take notice of our countries,” he added.



    The minister was also asked about relations with Russia. “Russia for sure is not our enemy, but we have a problem with the people who govern this country,” stressed Witold Waszczykowski. The minister underscored that Poland has clearly and explicitly expressed its position on returning the wreckage of the TU-154 plane.


    At the end of the interview, the minister was asked whether we will intervene about the satire about Poland that appeared during the carnival parade in German Düsseldorf.

    “I will be in Munich in two days where I will meet with the chief of the German MFA and I will be sure to raise this subject,” added the minister.

    Minister Waszczykowski believes that one can “shrug one’s shoulders” and try to explain such behaviour as freedom of expression, but such incidents could spiral into “mutual blaming and international hate.” I want to speak frankly about stopping  this process while it is still in its early stage,” concluded Minister Waszczykowski.


    MFA Press Office 

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