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  • 25 June 2017

    “We see Serbia as a country that is key to maintaining stability in the Western Balkan region,” stressed Deputy Minister Marek Magierowski summing up his visit to Serbia. The MFA deputy head represented Poland at the inauguration of President-Elect of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić.

    Aleksandar Vučić was elected as head of state in the first round of the election on 2 April. The swearing in ceremony took place on 31 May in the Serbian parliament Skupsztina. Among the participants of the ceremony were Rose Gottemoeller, NATO Deputy Secretary General, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin, and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Hoyt Brian Yee.



    “We were happy to hear President Vučić declare good-neighbourly cooperation in his inaugural address,” said the deputy chief of Polish diplomacy in reference to his visit. He went on to say that Poland supports Serbian efforts to join the European Union and shares with Serbia its experience from accession negotiations. Polish ministries and central government institutions meet regularly with their Serbian counterparts to exchange views on negotiations and EU functioning, in the framework of the Belgrade Conference cooperation forum. Thanks to the annual Enlargement Academy, we reach out also to Serbian officials who come to Poland to talk about the advantages of EU programmes and our administration workings with regard to EU matters.

    Deputy Minister Magierowski took part in the inaugural reception in Belgrade’s Palace of Serbia on Saturday. The reception brought together heads of state and government of the Western Balkans, the prime minister of Hungary, the speakers of parliaments of the Czech Republic and Romania, the ministers of foreign affairs of Norway and Sweden, special envoys and the Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations.


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