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  • 9 November 2015

    The American premiere of a documentary about Jan Karski – an emissary who informed the Allies about the Holocaust – was held at Georgetown University, where Karski studied and lectured after WWII. The screening was co-organised by the Polish Embassy in Washington.

    “Karski was a devoted teacher, a modest and unassuming man who believed in truth and justice,” the former US Ambassador to Poland Stephen Mull said during the event.


    The movie depicts the figure of Jan Karski and his heroic mission of transmitting the truth about Jewish extermination to the West. Karski was among the first people to inform the world about the Holocaust. During WWII, he served as a secret courier of the Polish Underground State and the Polish government-in-exile. In 1942, he was sent on a mission to the Allies’ representatives, including the US president, to tell them about the German terror in Poland. Unfortunately, his interlocutors did not take measures that would stop the tragedy taking place in Nazi-occupied Poland.


    “We should continue with the legacy of this real hero today. Karski would not have accomplished all this if he had not been a man of ideals such as tolerance, justice and service to the humanity,” said the Polish Ambassador to Washington Ryszard Schnepf. He also stressed the importance of Karski’s mission today.


    After the war, Jan Karski remained in exile in the United States. He studied political science and obtained his doctorate at Georgetown University. He lectured there for the next 40 years as a professor of international relations and the theory of communism. His students included the former US president Bill Clinton.


    Before the screening, Georgetown University lecturers: Robert Lieber and Dennis McManus, who is also the director of The Jan Karski Institute for Holocaust Education, shared their memories of Professor Jan Karski. The American premiere was also attended by the film’s director Sławomir Grünberg and producer Dariusz Jabłoński.


    The Polish audience had a chance to see Karski & The Lords Of Humanity for the first time on 23 April 2015, on the eve of Jan Karski’s 101st birthday anniversary. The movie premiered abroad in Jerusalem, on the 25th anniversary of the renewal of Polish-Israeli diplomatic relations. The event was prepared by the Polish Institute in Tel-Aviv in collaboration with the Yad Vashem Institute and the World Jewish Congress.


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