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  • 19 May 2017

    “Germany is a reliable partner from Poland’s perspective. Relations between our two countries are very good,” said MFA head in an interview with the German newspaper.

    “This is true of both political and economic issues, as well as military matters,” stressed Minister Witold Waszczykowski. Poland’s top diplomat recalled in this context that German troops are stationed in Poland and take part in NATO exercises, and the annual trade turnover between Poland and Germany amounts to around 100 billion euro. At the same time the chief of diplomacy observed that “on some issues, our interests and views diverge, for instance, regarding energy security, climate and migration policies.” He argued that its economic potential “makes Germany a natural leader in Europe.” We only want that Germany, France and other major European countries take into account in an appropriate way some of our interests,” stressed the MFA head.







    Responding to a question about the reform of the eurozone planned by Chancellor Merkel and President Macron, Minister Witold Waszczykowski observed that “we reject the idea of a multi-speed Europe in which some countries cooperate more closely than others.” “This idea would end in a catastrophe. The memory of a divided Europe is still strong in Poland. We will certainly not agree to such plans,” said the MFA head. Minister Waszczykowski argues that “if measures were taken now to create eurozone’s own political structures, such as, a finance minister, a common budget or an investment programme for eurozone countries, this would mean a split in the EU. This is very dangerous. It could spell the end of the European Union.”


    Minister Waszczykowski also spoke about the rule of law review procedure launched by the European Commission with respect to Poland. “The EC’s rhetoric [on this issue] paints a false picture of Poland. It stigmatises us. It is unnecessary,” emphasized the MFA head. He called the possibility of triggering Art. 7 of the EU Treaty against Poland “pure speculation.” He recalled that the EC has no powers to institute such procedure. At the same time, Poland’s top diplomat said that relations between Poland and the EU are good. “Trade between Poland and the EU continues to grow. Rating agencies have recently raised our rating because we are a reliable country with a well-functioning economy. Our country is appreciated worldwide,” said the foreign minister.


    Asked about the refugee resettlement programme, Minister Waszczykowski observed that refugees should not be relocated or resettled against their will. “People fleeing the war in Syria and other regions (…) are not only looking for a safe life, but also for more prosperity. Refugees prefer going to Germany, Belgium, Austria or Sweden, because there they can receive more financial support,” argued the MFA head. Minister Waszczykowski assured at the same time that “the Polish government remains open to accepting refugees from war-torn areas if they reach our borders.”


    In the minister’s assessment, the Nord Stream gas pipeline is a project that violates not only Polish interests, but also the interests of other Central and Eastern European countries. “The gas pipeline is a political project and has nothing to do with economic interests. (…) The gas pipeline hurts European solidarity and only serves to strengthen Gazprom’s monopoly position in Europe,” said the MFA head.


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