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  • 10 August 2017

    The MFA received a reply to Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski’s letter of 4 August 2017 to European Commission First Vice-President. In his letter of 4 August, the MFA head asked the Vice-President to clarify and specify several issues raised in the European Commission Recommendation of 26 July 2017 regarding the rule of law in Poland (C(2017) 5320 final).

    Poland’s request for clarifications was motivated by the need to clear up interpretation doubts, which could negatively affect the pending reply to European Commission Recommendation of 26 July.

    The European Commission’s reply to our questions is worded in very general terms, but it does not clear the doubts raised by Poland and hence does little to improve the effectiveness of our dialogue with the Commission.


    We regret to note that, in our opinion, the European Commission is not demonstrating a willingness to engage in a legal dialogue: it fails to address detailed issues or a legal analysis, and the schematic wording of Frans Timmermans’ letter of 8 August 2017 copies in principle the European Commission’s arguments about a threat to the rule of law in Poland which have already been expressed in the Commission’s previous letters.


    Therefore, the MFA will once again request the European Commission to submit detailed clarifications of the issues pointed out in Minister Waszczykowski’s letter of 4 August.



    MFA Press Office

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