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  • 13 March 2017

    European Council president election results, the concept of multi-speed Europe and Poland’s potential adherence to the euro zone were the topics discussed by Minister Witold Waszczykowski on Polish Radio 1’s Sygnały Dnia programme.

    “I have repeated for years that the European Union is not a club of altruists, but still we believed that it is an institution that follows certain rules, principles, and tries not to humiliate its member states,” said the minister, referring to the vote on Donald Tusk’s re-election as president of the European Council.



    “For years we have assumed that the European Commission is supposed to safeguard the interests of smaller countries,” said the head of the Polish MFA. “However, the Commission has become a very politicized body, although it shouldn’t have, since it is composed of international officials who have no democratic legitimacy,” he stressed. According to the minister, the result of the vote does not mean that Poland has been isolated in the EU. The foreign minister recalled in this context that the Visegrad Group cooperates with Poland on such issues as sanctions against Russia or regional security.


    Minister Waszczykowski also told the journalist that joining the euro zone would still be “unprofitable for Poland for many years.” “Most economists clearly say that it will not pay off,” he underlined. “For the moment, Poland has to catch up with the more developed European countries and it needs to have many instruments at its disposal, including the currency policy. Joining the euro zone would deprive us of such instruments. It is not an ideological issue – it’s about economic calculation,” he explained.


    In the minister’s opinion, Poland should form coalitions that would oppose the concept of “multi-speed Europe,” arguing that such a concept would result in dismantling the EU. Minister Waszczykowski also pointed to the fact that various groups, such as the Schengen area or the euro zone, exist within the EU. “Such groups are acceptable if they do not result in hegemonic domination over the entire Union,” he stated.


    Minister Waszczykowski also recalled that this year, major EU countries - the Netherlands, France and Germany – will hold elections. “Therefore, serious Brexit talks or discussions about reforming the EU will only start in autumn,” he said.


    Source: Polish Radio

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