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  • 19 June 2017

    During their meeting in Luxembourg, foreign ministers of the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries discussed key issues in preparation of the November Eastern Partnership Summit.

    Minister Witold Waszczykowski emphasized that the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries need to act in perfect unison during the autumn summit. The foreign minister said that the summit cannot be limited to the review of the ongoing activities. It will be necessary to send a message that the EU remains open to stronger relations with its neighbours. The MFA chief recalled that if the EU wants to be a major player, it should apply an open-door policy towards its neighbours and respect different ambitions while reaching out to all partners with an attractive offer of cooperation. “The rhetoric of the Eastern Partnership summit declaration should not be less ambitious than the rhetoric already agreed upon in former declarations. We need to recognise European aspirations and give a firm impetus to deeper integration,” underscored Minister Waszczykowski. 

    The participants of the meeting made it clear that the Eastern Partnership can benefit not only the citizens of Eastern Partnership countries, but also the citizens of the EU member states. The discussion focused on the need to create independent institutions that serve the citizens by reforming public administration, enhancing civil security, developing proper strategic communications and counteracting hybrid threats. Developing relations in the areas of transport and energy, trade, citizens’ mobility and digitization were also discussed. It was highlighted that the leaders of Eastern Partnership countries should enhance their commitment to reforms and cooperation with EU institutions.

    MFA Press Office


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