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  • 14 June 2017

    We express our concern at the reaction of the Russian authorities to peaceful demonstrations organised on 12 June, on the occasion of Russia Day in many cities.

    The use of force against people expressing their opinions in a peaceful manner and exercising their constitutional rights, as well as police arrests and detentions of over a thousand people, including school youngsters, were unjustified and undermined the Russian Federation’s international human rights commitments to express one’s opinion, including to criticise the authorities. 


    In many Russian cities, journalists reporting the demonstrations have also been arrested and thus prevented from exercising their profession, which evidences that repression was used against members of free Russian press.


    We join the international community in expressing an opinion that the right to assembly and freedom of speech are some of the fundamental principles on which the Constitution of the Russian Federation is based.


    MFA Press Office

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