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  • “The European Union is beneficial for Europe, but a Union that unites, not divides. A multi-speed, multi-format Europe is a recipe for a catastrophe,” said the chief of Polish diplomacy on TVP Info.


    “It turned out that a visionless policy prevails in proposals to reform the EU. The majority of the elites believe that nothing has happened and it proposes more of the same. And this is where the problem lies,” assessed Minister Witold Waszczykowski. “[Donald Tusk] was a very obedient, compliant official who did not initiate anything, he wasn’t a politician. We are not aware of any initiative put forward by Donald Tusk regarding refugees or immigrants. We do not know of any substantial reaction during the UK referendum campaign,” said the foreign minister. 

    Asked about cooperation with the President of the European Council, the MFA chief stressed that everything depends on whether Donald Tusk “will demonstrate any sort of initiative and whether he will want to consult his initiatives with Member States, including Poland.” “We are open to that,” added the minister.


    Referring to the concept of a multi-speed Europe, the minister pointed out that “the problem does not lie in that circles of cooperation are being created, but in that the groups that are created should not be hegemonious vis-à-vis the rest of Europe.” “The risk is that the Eurozone will create its own structures, its own budget and will dominate over the rest of Europe,” said Minister Waszczykowski.


    The MFA chief assessed that there are issues which still continue to unite the Visegrad Group. “It is our common position on immigrants and refugees. We have similar views on integration in our part of Europe. We have similar views on Eastern problems. “We have a common approach to security in our region, a common defence policy. There are many platforms of cooperation,” noted Minister Waszczykowski.


    Speaking about the need for changes in the European Union, the minister indicated that “we would like to differently define the role of institutions, for instance to enhance the role of the European Council.” “There is a need to limit certain issues and to show that they cannot be adopted by a majority of votes, because they concern the security of a country. Migration is one example of such issues,” he said.


    “At some point one should forget about situations that have occurred and go back to normal dialogue, normal cooperation. We should look for different configurations to pursue different interests, also Poland’s,” concluded the minister.


    Source: TVP Info

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